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Product Alert Email not Finding "stock.phtml" in Local Theme

Product Alert Email not Finding "stock.phtml" in Local Theme

Hi One and All,


I've no doubt missed something stupid here, but I have a customised version of /email/productalert/stock.phtml in my local theme but for some reason it's not being picked up by the Product Alert email template.


After testing I can see the fall-back is wrong. It's looking in /frontend/default/default/email/productalert/stock.phtml first and then falling back to /frontend/base/default/email/productalert/stock.phtml. It never looks in the local theme folder ( /frontend/pmgroup/default//email/productalert/stock.phtml)


This seems to have started after updating to version So the question is; is this a theme problem or something to do with "alertGrid" being used in the email template?


Many thanks,



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Re: Product Alert Email not Finding "stock.phtml" in Local Theme

Hello portmeirion,


1. You sure that your config is right. Make sure your config uses default template:

System > Configuration > Catalog > Product Alerts > Choose default template from locale.


2. Make sure your path to email stock alert is right: /email/productalert/stock.phtml and grammar is correct.


3. If still not work, please paste your stock.phtml on your post. We will take a look.


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Re: Product Alert Email not Finding "stock.phtml" in Local Theme

Hi there,


Thanks for the reply and the suggestions.


1) It's picking up the correct email template, I've even put some test text inside to make sure and it shows up in the product alert email.


2) I thought this initially. But I've recreated the file and the folder numerous times to no avail. I even copied the whole /email/ template folder from "Base". But no dice!


3) I've scrubbed the content of stock.phtml and just put "Hello There!" inside, makes no odds.


I could be barking up the wrong tree, but I'm being led by the thought that the "alertGrid" variable that loads the correct block in the email has something to do with it.