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Product Export Error 405 Not Allowed

Product Export Error 405 Not Allowed

Encountering a problem exporting out the Products from the System | Import/Export | Export tool. After spinning for a few minutes it returns an error of:

405 Not Allowed

I'm able to export out the customer listing without issue, and there are only approx 5,800 products in the system so I'm a bit confused as to why the export function quit working. The last time the export function was used was about 3-4 months ago and it was working properly then.


I've since reindexed the products, restarted the server and rebuilt and optimized the database tables. The system is currently running Magento ver.


If anyone has any suggestions on what I should try next it would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.


----- Edit/Update -----


We've managed to run a reduced product list of 250 products through the system and was able to export the product list successfully in 12 seconds. So the export coding works correctly, and what we're running into is, I suspect, a timeout issue.


I've looked over the php.ini settings and have made increases in several post settings to no avail. Currently the export function times out at the 360 second mark consistently, but there is no setting in the .ini file to match that time increment.