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Product Image gallery for our dealers

Product Image gallery for our dealers

Our products are not only available through our website but we are carried by dealers all over the world. These dealers often need access to our images. To that end I have them all in the cloud with an Amazon S3 storage account. I can send them links that allow them to download the images they request.


What I would love to be able to do would be to create a gallery page or pages where dealers could browse thumbnails and download these images in high res or low res without having to ask for links. Ideally this would be a self-maintaining set up, so if I add new images or remove old ones the gallery would automatically update.


Can anyone tell me if this is possible, and if so maybe point me in the right direction to implement such a thing?


Re: Product Image gallery for our dealers



You can create a gallery page in Magento by using our Photo Gallery Extension. In the following Magento Connect page you can also see the live examples of customers using our photo gallery extension. By using this extension you can upload multiple images, create image albums and post them in different categories on Photo gallery page


The additional functionality of this extension also allows you to post these photo galleries under different product pages. The albums are displayed in configurable lightbox,