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Product Import Missing Images


Product Import Missing Images

Product importer seems to be ignoring images when importing on Magento


The sheets being used to import have been used previously on 1.8.** without any issues, but since upgrading to seem to import without errors, though the images are not added.


I have tried both a simple single product import, and also a fresh install of 1.9 with default attributes (using an export from sample data as base for import), the same issue here.


The referenced images are located within the media/import folder as with previous versions.


Has somthing changed, or is this a bug?

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Re: Product Import Missing Images

You can  take a look at magmi product upload. It have more options that default uplaod and works faster. I think you won't have there issues with images.

Re: Product Import Missing Images

Turns out this is as a result of another bug, the memory limit on my dev box was set to 1G, setting this to 900M allows images to be imported.

Issue explained here: