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Product List Sorting - in view or extension?

Product List Sorting - in view or extension?


I have two questions relating to product sorting in CE  1.9.


1) I want to sort product listing by a custom attribute - so that product with this attribute are promoted in the results while out of stock items are demoted. My question is this: should this be done in the view (list.phtml) or in a custom extension? It doesn't seem correct to "pollute" the view with too much logic. Also, I'm wondering if its more efficient to perform logic in the extension - whether database queries are cached, etc, in a way that's not done in the view?


2) A related question is that I have different attribute sets, each with unique custom attributes. Again, should this logic go in an extension? For example, I'll need to determine which attribute set I'm dealing with & then retrieve the list of attributes unique to that set & return then as an array (or similar). So, is this best done in an extension?


Any pointers on this would be appreciated.