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Product gallery images size

Product gallery images size



I can't find the way to change the size of the product gallery images when enlarged in the popup window. At the moment they are automatically resized by Magento to a 600x600 resolution, but I want them to show at a higher resolution (1000x1000).


This is an example:


I'm using Magento


Thank you in advance for your help






Re: Product gallery images size

You should try a professional extension to be able to display images at the full optimal resolution. Here is a photo gallery extension that allow creating images album and attach it to product page. This shows images in slideshow where you can configure the delay time, frame and size of the slideshow. You can also create a separate gallery page to post photo albums.

For more details -

Re: Product gallery images size



thank you but I posted this in programming questions because I'm looking for a programming way to solve the problem.


Any hint from anyone?