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Product with other products as optionals

Product with other products as optionals

Hi all!

I'd like to submit to you my strange problem hoping someone could help me find a solution.

It's kinda tricky to explain, I'll try my best


I have a product that can have other products as optionals. 

For example, let's say I have a car. In the product page of this car there are a list of optionals like tire, stereo ecc. that are optionals AND simple products at the same time. I can buy just the stereo alone OR buy it with the car along with other products-optionals. BUT the stereo can have variations, like the brand or whatever.


So, the problem is: we used the cross-sell product to handle this optional-products thing but when one of these has a required option, obviously the process doesn't succed. When I check the chekbox of the optional-product and add to cart the products with its options AND optionals, I'm redirected to the optional-product-page and I'm asked to add the required option. The problem is that, if I have more than one optional with required option, nothing get added to the cart and I'm redirected in the page of the first product-optional. 


First of all, do you think that using the cross-sell is a good idea to handle that kind of issue or do you have a better idea?

If wasn't for the obbligatory option on the simple-product-optionals (gosh!) it would work like a charm but sadly that's not the case. 

Any tip?

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Re: Product with other products as optionals

Consider using Configurable products or Grouped Products. You may need to come up with the best solution for your product.



I don't think it's wise to use cross-sells or up-sells products to implement product page logic

Don Udugala