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Promo Code Required Field

Promo Code Required Field

Does anyone know how to make the 'Promo Code' box at checkout a required field?


Re: Promo Code Required Field

change onclick attribute value of the process to checkout buttons(more than one) to


Re: Promo Code Required Field

We tried suggestion, but it did not make the coupon code a required field. What are the file names that need to be changed?

Required Fiels

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Re: Promo Code Required Field


can I have your website url? your template may work difeferently


and also when frontend works, you have to rewrite cart controller couponPost action method to redirect to onepage checkout

Re: Promo Code Required Field

Re: Promo Code Required Field

Hi @steve2bright,

To make this feature, you can do by steps below:

On checkout cart page, you add class "required-entry" via input text coupon code. After that change attribute onclick in the button Proceed to Checkout by 1 function javascript as below:


function processToCheckout(){
   var validForm =  new varienForm('discount-coupon-form');
   if (validForm .validate()) {


After that, if you want to check require coupon on checkout onepage you can catch event: "controller_action_predispatch_checkout_onepage_index" with function as bellow:


function initCheckoutController($observer){

Hope it's helpful for you.





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