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Promotions- Shopping Cart Price Rule

Promotions- Shopping Cart Price Rule

Is there a way to add up the total amount for certain SKU's?  I want to make sure that the amount, of certain SKU's, is high enough to get the discount.  I have a Rule setup already but it can not determine if enough of the promotional item is ordered, I only currently check if the order total meets the amount of the promotional item(s).


ProdA in promotion

ProdB not in promotion

Promotion is order $100 of ProdA and get 10%


Example #1:  Order 1 ProdA($25) and 4 ProdB($25) = $125(No promotion)

Example #2:  Order 4 ProdA($100) and 1 ProdB($25) = $125(Promotion applied take 10% all of ProdA)


Hope that makes sense.  Is that possible with the rule set in Magento 1.9.2?  Thank you for any help. 


Re: Promotions- Shopping Cart Price Rule

You can do this. It's a bit of a pain in some respects without a custom module.


However, using the conditions it's just about possible if you set the following condition for productB


If ALL  of these conditions are TRUE :

Then you go to the Action Tab


Discount product A by setting the SKU for that prdocut and make sure you set a condition for quantity to be 4 for product A


There are ways of making it more complicated, but that should get you started