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Quickbooks Integration with Magento... any experiences?

Quickbooks Integration with Magento... any experiences?


I am a Software Developer, and new here to the forums.  I have nearly completed my client's website and store.  It is wired up and functioning to and shipping providers.


Early in the requirements phase, the client wanted integration with his desktop Quickbooks Enterprise software.  After looking a little more into it, I let him know that would be a separate project, but now it's time to do it.

So, far, the most straight-forward solution I've found is Webgility eCC.  Both my client and I feel that their pricing is outrageous, and my client hates *anything*-as-a-service.


I see that Quickbooks has a Web Connector SDK.  Stackoverflow has little actual stories on this, however.  I do have a team of engineers, so it wouldn't just be implementing the solution.  Has anyone had experience with a similar integration, or any advice to impart?  

Thanks so much in advance.


Re: Quickbooks Integration with Magento... any experiences?

I'm also doing the same things as we are redesigning our website.  Our web developer is using Connex for Quickbooks.  They offer a 7 day trial and seems to work.    My question is if anyone can help with the back end integration e.g. making sure all NEW SKUs are updated and mapping correctly.  Our Developer can't do the back-end stuff and I don't have bandwidth to complete on my own....any recommendations??



Re: Quickbooks Integration with Magento... any experiences?

Quick books has a product your customer may want to use and you won't have to reinvent the wheel. (and support a re-invented wheel)

A customer installed an inventory management system  called Acctivate by Quickbooks. Works both on-site and hosted but probably on the more recent versions only.

Notice the extra "c" in the name