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REST API: Create product for all the stores of the website

REST API: Create product for all the stores of the website

Hi everybody,


I am trying to use the Magento REST API in order to create a product in my website (Magento Community version).


The problem is we have three defined stores, and although the product is created successfully, it is only visible/accesible from the admin store and not for the other ones.


After the product is created, if I try to update the description and short_description attributes for a different store, I am obtaining the error "resource not found".


This problem does not occur using the soap api and I can create and update the attributes for the other stores succesfully, but I would like to use the rest api because is much faster.


I think this problem could be related with some missing parameter related with the website when the product is first created, but I have tried with all the parameters with no success.


Below you can see an example of one of the xmls that I have used to create the product,  does anybody knows if there is any missing parameter in order to set the product visible for all the stores?


Thanks in advance


<name>title test-96</name>
<description>description test-96</description>
<short_description>short description test-96</short_description>
<autor>author test-96</autor>