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Redirect to right language

Redirect to right language

I have a 1.8 Magento store which is multi language. Default is Dutch and the other is in English. 

So when a Spanish customer comes to my site, he first sees the site in Dutch.. But that's not what I want. I want everyone on the world, except for the ones who’s browser language is set to Dutch, are automatically redirected to the English site.

Is this possible? And also possible to do that without turning on the storeview code in the url.


I’ve found something on this site:


But this doesn’t make it clear for me, if it can redirect everybody to the non-default language, except for te default language..


Hope I make sense. ;-)



Re: Redirect to right language


We do something with a GEO IP lookup and redirect the user to a different site depending on what country they are in. If we can't map their IP to one of our stores then we keep them on the default. Alternatively you could display a popup to ask what country they are in.

If you do a redirect it is important to redirect as early as possible without Magento being initialised as this may cause a bad user experience with slow response.


If you want to do it on their browser language you could look to use


and then map this to the correct store to redirect them. You cannot however rely on this value always being correct and you always want to allow the user to visit a specific language without forcing a redirect as well.