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Review form stopped working

Review form stopped working

Hello people,


I'm working on a Magento website wich is still in development. Work started somewhere in august previous year but for unforseen circumstances the work on this site has been on hold for several months. Last week we have started working on the site again and I have noticed that the review form, wich we have incorp[orated on the product page, has stopped working. When a review is being submitted the error message 'Unable to post the review' is being displayed and the review isn't submitted.


As the review form worked flawless for some montyhs ago my first thoughts were that the automatic Magento updates are the cause for the corrupted review form. Can this indeed be the case? Has there been any significant changes to the review form in the last updates?


I have googled for a solution but haven't found any leads. Does anybody has an idea where to lok for the cause of the problem?


With kind regards,



Re: Review form stopped working

You have not submitted screen shot of your error and place where you getting this error.

But one suggestion is that revert your changes(If you made any) and then test OR replace review related files from fresh download of your same version.