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Rewrites for Blog

Rewrites for Blog

Hey there,


I am very new to this Magento Stuff, read tons of articles the last weeks, already googled my problem, but heres what I try to do:

I wrote a Layout File which i called Blog, and created a CMS Page called Blog, using this Layout.


The Blog.phtml catches get params and displays Blog Articles, Categorys, comments, and so far and so fourth,


So when I enter the Baseurl/Blog?catname=News&artid=21 - the code works perfetly smooth.


But I want to use SEO friendly URLs, so the example above should be accessed via Baseurl/News/21


I would know how to do this via .htaccess, but I think this is gonna conflict the magento routing, so I guess a magento internal solution would be better.


How can I register a new Router that looks for Blog, and how would the belonging php function would look like?

I have to admit that I never wrote, or registered any own module for magento.


Hope you experts can help me without too much effort! Thanks!