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Run the product import manually


Run the product import manually



I have a  Scala Playhouse Drop Shipping package installed in my Magento and in the manual says I have to run the product import manually using:

Path: /path/to/magento/shell

Command: php -f ScalaDropshipping.php – import


I'm not sure what it's meen

Do I have to import using FTP server?

Do I have to use Dataflow in admin panel?


Someone who can help me?




Re: Run the product import manually

You have to find a way to ssh into the server and run it through the command line. The path depends on where magento is installed. Once you find your install, go into the shell directory and run php -f ScalaDropshipping.php – import. I'd ask whoever hosts your site to help out with that.


Dataflow probably won't work unless there is an actual profile for it specifically or you know exactly what parameters to give dataflow to get it to work.