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Same site for multiple stores with different products, need ideas.

Same site for multiple stores with different products, need ideas.

First of all sorry if I am in a wrong section.

We got multiple stores in multiple towns and I want to create an ecommerce website for our stores.
The problem is we will cover a limited area with each store so I want to show products based on location.

What I want basically is when you visit the website for example the website will be asking for a location and you will choose like Kurdzhali and
based on your choose the ecommerce site will show only the items that are available in your local store.

I am pretty good in PHP, good enough to code my own scripts with help of google.
Basically not a professional but also not a beginner.


My Questions are
1. If there are a such feature or plugin for magento?
2. If there is not, do you got an idea how can I do this?

I know I can use seperate installations for each region and seperate them with a subdomain such as, but I don't wanna administer multiple installations.
The other thing I am thinking of using the tags, for example with a little modification I can add the tag "momchilgrad" and make it default, also add this tag to all the products that are available
in this location.

Idk I'm not familiar with this script and I am looking for ideas.

Sorry for my bad English and Thank you in advance.


Re: Same site for multiple stores with different products, need ideas.

This feature is already available by default in Magento System.
First Way,

First you have to create different store view for your site.

You can show hide product based on your store. You have to enable/disable product for specified store or set Visibility to Not visible indivisually.

For mass enabling/disabling products for a particular store view, do below procedures,

Go to Adminpanel, 
Choose Catalog > Products

Select a store view above the product list.
You are now viewing all products included in specified store view.

Once you have the correct store view selected, select the products you want to Enable or Disable using the checkbox on the left.
Now, using the Actions dropdown menu on top right of the product list, choose 'Change Status', select 'Disabled' or 'Enabled' and hit the Submit button.


Doing this will Enable or Disable the selected products from the selected store view (step


This is good for bulk actions but you can also do the same for all products one by one also.

Open your product, select the relevant store view on top left of the page.


Then in the General Tab, you have status: Enabled or Disabled. Choose the option that you want to apply for the current store view and hit Save.


Second Way,
Create Different Root category for different store. Set Specified Category for speicified store view so only those selected product in category will display in your store.


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Re: Same site for multiple stores with different products, need ideas.

As you have the concept of stores, so this can be implemented in two ways-


First is you can use the store locator extension of magento which allows the customers to search for nearest available store. Then you can also locate the products available for that store with some customization like-

You can create an attribute for the products which will accept the locations where that particular product will be available.

After that you can apply filter on location which will filter the products according to the filtered location.

Second way is based on the concept of multivendor marketplace, where different vendors can be created in the form of stores and then products can be managed store wise and then product filter options can be applied on different locations available at different locations.