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Searchanise extension working vague.

Searchanise extension working vague.


     I have been using Searchanise extension from a long time for search autocompletion. Recently I duplicated a site which already had Searchanise extension twice. So now I have 3 sites site1 site2 site3. Then I deleted products and category from site2 & site3 and added completely different products. Now cleared the chache and reindexed everything was working fine.

 Just 2 days back I noticed the issue that the search autocompletion is showing same results in all the sites i.e site1 is showing the products from site2 and site3 in the autocompletion.

If anyone have a hint about what is going on will be very helpful.


Thanks In advance


Re: Searchanise extension working vague.

I am having the same issue. Images dissapear from the popup search. I need to force a reindexation from backend in order they appear again.

Have you find a solution to this problem?