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Secure URL and Content


Secure URL and Content

I'm really mystified that when I change to using https the getSkinUrl() seems to call into a procedure updateParamDefaults there is no param for secure (i.e. my content is getting blocked)?

I notice this post from Marius where he says use 

this->getSkinUrl('images/Home.gif', array('_secure'=>true));

Whilst that doesn't work for me I notice that none on the base theme phtml use this so how is  https getting to skin (etc) files?


Re: Secure URL and Content

You have activated the SSL in the configuration?

You have changed the secure_base_url to https?

Re: Secure URL and Content

Yes, the main request is getting https but its the skin files which aren't.


I'm fascinated as to why Marius would say add the array(_secure) param to the getSkinUrl call when that's nowhere in the base phtmls.

Re: Secure URL and Content

Thanks for taking an interest. Actually there is a procedure isCurrentlySecure in store.php which looks up the server variable for https, but my problem was actually a typo in local.xml, that's fixed it.