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Sending a different shipping email

Sending a different shipping email

Hello everyone,

I have made a picking up option by copying the flatrate option and renaming it. I know I can change the tracking e-mail by changing the template track.phtml in /template/email/order/shipment (I already have done this for my other shipping methods).

I want to know if I can override this e-mail with a totally different e-mail, a picking-up e-mail with order details and a different title. Is this possible? But it only has to be triggered when the picking-up option has been selected.

I already have an event that sends this e-mail when the order status is complete (and has a shipping-method filter that only allows the picking-up option).

But now I want this e-mail to be send instead of the shipping e-mail, and only when the picking-up at store has been selected.

How do I do this?