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Several Dropdown option lists – HowTo?

Several Dropdown option lists – HowTo?



I have not yet found clear answers on my following questions:


As a Magento starter I wonder what is the best way to offer a base product and several indipendent dropdown option lists. I learned yesterday, that this does not work as combination of a configurable product with an attribut set that contains 6 specific attributes for this product.


Now I solvbed this problem by creating a simple product and created the 6 option dropdown lists via "individualisation options" (I don't know if this is the correct term in english). Can the experts in this forum confirm, that this is the right and only way to offer products with multiple, independent option lists?


Thnaks for your replies / Manuel


Re: Several Dropdown option lists – HowTo?



I noticed today that not even one expert was able to answer my question.


Did I explain my request in a not understandable way?


I try it in other words: For each product I need to show a basic modell and 5-6 pulldown lists and/or check boxes with additional options and additional prices.


A solution via Configurable product and an associated attributset seemed to be too complicate for Magento (


But it worked for me by creating simple products and assign the additional options in the last menu-point "custom options".


My question: Is this the right and only way to create a basic article with several options?

Are there any arguments against the way I do it? If so, please recommend a better way to create configurable products with more than 1 or 2 options.

Re: Several Dropdown option lists – HowTo?



Yes, you are doing everything the right way. Using configurable products will be to complicated for this particular purpose (I am talking about  the combination of 6 attributes). 


Usually, custom options is a better way to go here.

If you don't have enough functionality for this (or don't want to develop it on your own), you may check this Magento extension: 


It will handle all the main operations with Magento custom options.

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