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Shipping Price Per Item

Shipping Price Per Item



We supply tonne bags and with the courier we are using they only offer delivery of 1 tonne. As the website stands currently, when you add a product to your basket (each is a tonne) the delivery price is calculated with a postcode finder which then adds the cost onto your total cost. If you change the quantity you want to 2 or more, we need it to add another charge dependant on how many items you have in your basket (example 2xGold Gravel and 1xPink Gravel = 3x delivery price).


If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you,



Re: Shipping Price Per Item

You can set price per item using,

System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Shipping Methods -> Flatrate

Enable This shipping method yes.

Set Type from Dropdown as Per Item

You can set Price per item in Price Field.


Save Shipping Method by click on Save Config Button on top right.


if issue solved, click kudos/Accept as solutions.

If Issue Solved, Click Kudos/Accept As solutions.

Re: Shipping Price Per Item

Thank you for your reply,


I am using MatrixRates so that I can add postcode shipping prices, the prices vary depending on your postcode but the rate that is added needs to be multiplied by the amount of items in your basket whether it be quantity or multiple individual items.