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Simple Product Price for configurable product

Simple Product Price for configurable product

I am currently using Magento version 1.9.1, therefore I can't really use this plugin which does exactly what I want:


Is there a plugin (paid or free) that works for 1.9.1 and I can use it so when you select an option while on a configurable product, it fetches the SKU, price, images and description of the SIMPLE product? Also its very important for special prices to work, because for example I have a simple product that has different prices for Silver, Gold and VIP members so depending on what group the user is in should receive the correct price from the simple product price table when selecting an option.


Hope I was clear and thanks in advance.


Re: Simple Product Price for configurable product


Have you tested that plugin on your own Magento installation?


I'm aware that there are some issues with it.. but not all of them surface on every store (depending on your configuration) I personally have used it without issue on a 1.9 store.


There is also several forks on their github page - some of these may fix any specific issue if you encounteer them.

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