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Soap API create shipment returning error

Soap API create shipment returning error


Could someone please help me with the following. Im trying to create a shipment via the soap api (salesOrderShipmentCreate) but it fails returning the error "Call to a member function getUsername() on a non-object". Apart from this call everything else Im doing seems to be working fine via the soap api. I've also tested the code creating shipments on different magento sites and it works fine so it seems the problem is just on one store. Has anyone come across this before and if so how did you fix it?

Ive read online that clearing the /var & /lock folders would fix the issue but as Im not a magento developer I wanted to get someones opinion on if that could be a possible solution?

Thanks in advance!



Re: Soap API create shipment returning error

Hi @Zenstores


To remove the folders that doesn't affect to your Magento. You do not need to remove entire "VAR" folder. Just remove the Locks, Cache and Session folder from the following location.

1. Magento Root -> Var -> Locks
2. Magento Root -> Var -> Cache
3. Magento Root -> Vat -> Session

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