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Stop automatic out of stock

Stop automatic out of stock

We security patched last week. We use stock control in the sense of a product is either in stock or out of stock but we don't use the the quantity tracking.


Our products are set up as group products with around 5 simple products, all these have high stock values, 200000+ so never go out of stock.


The problem is recently the client asked me to put 20 products back in stock, 5 or so went ok. The other 15 just won't have it, when i put them in stock they are in stock for around 20 minutes and then automatically change to out of stock. I have tried duplicate them, clearing cache, reindexing copying the rows in the db tables stock_item, stock_status and stock_status_idx to be exactly the same as an item that stays in stock but again 10-20 mins later it automatically changes to out of bloody stock and those database tables are reset.


I've tried all the values in config-> inventory and the backorders too but just the same. I have 2 options, find the database parameter which i must be missing set in a different table so the script doesn't put it out of order, or 2) disable the script which keeps putting it out of order. 


Please help!!


Re: Stop automatic out of stock

Hello cw6365,


You use any stock extension?

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