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Store Selector / Language Selector

Store Selector / Language Selector



I have taken over a website for a company as the previous web developer was sacked. I am trying to fix some issues with the website but since we are not in contact the the sacked guy i am a bit in teh dar on certian things maybe i can point a few out and somone can give me a hand.




1) I cat seem to find teh location edit/remove the store selector drop down that is on top right hand side of the site. We have multiple domains that redirect to the specific store correctly but this drop down does not work corectly and i cant seem to find it in any widgets, cms, static blocks settings


2) I am trying to install soem more addons but i cant seems to do this without magento connect.. how else can this be done / how can i retrive the information.


Thanks in advance




Re: Store Selector / Language Selector

1. Usually template file of the store view switcher is located here:



Re: Store Selector / Language Selector

You can try our Magento store switcher that allows merchants to automatically redirect users to pre-defined store views based on their current location. The users can also change the store view from a dropdown displayed in header/footer of your website. You can also download our Magento 2 Store Switcher extension from official Magento marketplace.