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Strange problem with Purchase Order box

Strange problem with Purchase Order box

Hi All,


Please bear with me whilst I try and explain this issue I have with Purchase Order payment method.  I need to display the Purchase Order text box so customers can type in a number or text, however, the only way the box appears is when I Flush Magento Cahce.  Unfortunately, this clears my shipping option which I have set as free shipping with a message "To be calculated"


As there is no shipping option displaying, the customer cannot proceed with checking out!  To get the shipping option to display again, I have to go into Configuration and click "Save Config" which displays the shipping option but makes the Purchase Order text box disappear!


I hope someone can help as I'm really confused why this is happening - I'm running v1.9 with a theme called Pagayo but I 've tried reverting back to the deault theme and the same thing happens!  By the way, I have also tried selecting other payment methods such as credit card and the same thiing occurs - credit card text fields not shoing unless the cache is cleared.


Any advice greatly appreciated, thank you.


Re: Strange problem with Purchase Order box

Hi @ethantram


When you faced the problem, have you checked the console? Also check the system.log or exception.log file if they display any error? if yes then try to solve that. And Try with disabling cache.

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Re: Strange problem with Purchase Order box