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Subtotal doubling in shopping cart

Subtotal doubling in shopping cart



We are experiencing an issue with the subtotal doubling in the shopping cart on firefox and internet explorer.


Our checkout is highly customised but it seems to be happening before you get to the checkout page, it appears as soon as you check your basket.


We are using version : Magento ver.


When you add a product to your basket, the subtotal shows as if you have two items in your basket not one.


There seem to be very few issues particularly like ours and its very intermittent for us so we can't seem to pin the issue down. Today (19/03) we seem to be experiencing the issue with internet explorer but not firefox, yesterday however we had the issue with internet explorer and firefox. If you use private browsing on internet explorer you dont have the issue.


Add this product to your basket and click the cart in the top right corner, the subtotal should say £60 but when the issue occurs it says £120.


Any help greatly appreciated.






Re: Subtotal doubling in shopping cart

Issues that don't seem to happen consistently are the worst.


I just tried it on your site (Firefox 36 on Linux) and it worked correctly. I'm curious though - when it doesn't work right, and the subtotal is doubled, are the quantities doubled as well? Could it be that things are getting added to the cart twice?

Re: Subtotal doubling in shopping cart

Hi Mike,


Quantity still stays the same, just the subtotal acts like the quantity is doubled. We recently moved our hosting to cloud based with Vidahost and we are wondering whether some code went a-miss during the transfer (we are looking at all options here). Not able to replicate the issue on firefox today but has been happening all day on internet explorer. 

Re: Subtotal doubling in shopping cart

It just happened to me on Firefox as I was getting ready to reply. Is it only the mini cart at the top of the page that shows the price error, or is it also within the shopping cart page & checkout page?


Edit: nevermind, it does affect all totals.

Chris / Placement Edge

Re: Subtotal doubling in shopping cart

Has anybody found a solution to this yet?  I am having the same problem with our site.  The problem is so intermittent it is proving pretty much impossible to track down.  A product is added to the cart and when the cart page is loaded the price has doubled!  It doesn't seem to be browser specific.