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Super product attributes configuration

Super product attributes configuration



I am new to magento hope so someone has a solution for my proble mentioned below:


I have created a site which contains configurable products whose price changes every day so have created a script to change the price programatically, actially using setPrice() option am able to change the price of configurable product but am not able to update the price in super product attribute field which fetches the price to cart. 


I would be so happy if anyone could help.




Re: Super product attributes configuration

Hi @rekha_devi 


There is a lot of data associated with saving configrable data. There is a few ways of doing this. The simples being fetching the configurable data from the typeinstance on the product and then setting it again before saving.


// Mage_Catalog_Model_Product $product

$configurableAttribtues = $product->getTypeInstance()

This code will return an array contain all attronites amd the values for them. You can mod what you need and set it again dirrectly on the product object, and then save



try {
} catch(Exception $e) {



I hope this helps :-)