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Themeheros Bargaining Plug In question

Themeheros Bargaining Plug In question

I am running Magento 1.9 and have Themeheros Bargaining Plug-in installed on my site.


The way this is supposed to work is that the customer is supposed to put in a price they would pay and by the site's admin settings would accept or deny the offer. 


On our site the products are not "simple products" as in the need to be configured- i.e. Color and size. This apparently makes it so that the plug in will accept the price but not change it in the cart.  


Does anyone know how to fix this on the Themeheros Plug-in or does someone know of a plug in that will work with configured products?


Thanks In advance. 


P.S. I searched the forums for any data on this but have come up short. Sorry if this is an already answered question.