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This site can't be reached

This site can't be reached

Hello Everyone,


I am new to Magento community and I am absolutely loving this.


But there are few issues I can't get my head round (or simply can't find a solution).


First thing, my css wasn't working fine, so I tried different things which fellow users recommended and it started working.


But then enter the issue of site can't be reached. 


I don't understand, why this is happening! Every time I click on something frontend and backend, it crashes and upon refresh the css crashes sometimes. 


Is because its currently on my localhost and needs the bigger capacity to load and will be eventually fine once it goes live?


Thank you



Re: This site can't be reached


No that is not the case.

Please mention which magento version you use Magento 1.x or Magento 2.x ?

And if you getting some error please mention here.




Re: This site can't be reached

It's probably caused by baseURL which doesn't resolve to you localhost.

Tanel Raja

Re: This site can't be reached



Before you start installing you need the following:
1. WAMP server installed in your computer
2. Magento Community Edition Files.


Are you sure you  have both in your local system.