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Three Sales Confirmation sending


Three Sales Confirmation sending


I am having trouble with my magento. After succing with a purchase, three (3) email-confirmations are sent both to the cunsumer and my self. Can not figure our why. Only the first email, email Confirmation in the Sales Email configuration, is active.


Re: Three Sales Confirmation sending

Hi @AndrewGolrang


An easy way of finding out where this is comming from is loggin a backtrace in the queueNewOrderEmail or sendNewOrderEmail depending on your Magento version, in the order model you can use the following code:



You will see from where the code is called from in the system log.

Re: Three Sales Confirmation sending

Thank you!
I am however not a developer;( is it possible to ask you to be a bit more specific? I tried to Google your key-words without succés. Where in the FTP-envirornment would i find the logg-file? And what is the order model?
Sorry for noob questions