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Upload pictures fail

Upload pictures fail



Since installation of patchs, i can't upload pictures on product page in back-office.


When i try to upload i have this error in my navigator console : 


Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0
    at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)
    at String.parseJSON [as evalJSON] (browser.js:101)
    at klass.onFileSuccess (browser.js:2186)
    at d.<anonymous> (browser.js:54)
    at d.<anonymous> (browser.js:2152)
    at k (browser.js:2152)
    at (browser.js:2152)
    at e.chunkEvent (browser.js:2152)
    at f.event (browser.js:2152)
    at XMLHttpRequest.doneHandler (browser.js:2152)

I have no error in my magento log exception, or error.log of my server.

Someone already have this problem and can share his solution please ?

Sorry for my english,


Have a good day Smiley Happy


Re: Upload pictures fail

same problem here.. do you already solved this problem?

Re: Upload pictures fail

I also had the same problem with not being able to upload images, giving me an error that the image could not be recognized while the images were always defaulted to the previous format, please help with the solutions.

Error #2048 cupcakes has not been fixed