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VAT/tax not correct


VAT/tax not correct

Hi everybody!

I'm facing an issue with the VAT: when I insert the product's price, it's already VAT included.

( )

But when I see the product in the store, the VAT is applied again! ( )


The tax configuration is:


For example: if I create a product with price 12, it already include a 22% VAT, so in the product page I should see something like:

Product excluses tax: 9.36

VAT: 2.64

Product included tax: 12


But instead I see:

Product excluses tax: 12

VAT: 2.64

Product included tax: 14.64


Where am I go wrong? Are there some configurations mistake?


I've Magento CE


Thanks to all in advance for the help and best regards!




Re: VAT/tax not correct

Did you set "Tax class" as "None"?

Re: VAT/tax not correct


we've discovered that the problem was that the shipping settings were not inserted. Changing it, the problem was solved, thanks!