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Viewing shopping baskets (NOT Abandoned carts0


Viewing shopping baskets (NOT Abandoned carts0



Long ago, I used to use Miva as my shopping cart. Later when I switched to Magento for scalability and other reasons, one of the things I really really miss is an extension where I could see all ip addresses hitting the site and every action they took like which screens where they at, product/category/shopping cart etc.


I really really miss that functionality. It was helpful in resolving customer issues as well as letting me know what the actual click stream/click through process. It helped me solve customer issues by showing me exactly how they navigated the site, how long they stayed on a page and which was the last page they visited thereby narrowing the problem.


Every time I have asked the Magento community for a similar extension, I am told 'Abandoned Shopping Cart'' which is absolutely NOT what I am looking for. I already have the Aitoc abandoned cart which is only useful in sending followup emails to the customers who abandoned their shopping cart. Something most shoppers find annoying anyways.


Is there something out there? If so, please, please please let me know what it is




Re: Viewing shopping baskets (NOT Abandoned carts0

Hi @frank95a


So you mean to say that you want to be able to modify the customers cart content? If yes please see this link


Also visit


Hope this helps you.

Problem Solved Click Accept as Solution!:Magento Community India Forum