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Warehouse / Dropshipping Stock Synchronisation Question

Warehouse / Dropshipping Stock Synchronisation Question

Dear Community,

I need some help regarding a stock sync with a 3rd party warehouse/drop shipper. (I am reading around the forum but any help or guidance would be appreciated.)


The scenario is the following:
I found a drop shipping service and want to sell about 30-50 product of theirs on my site.
The main issue is that the available stock of the said products in the warehouse is constantly changing (as they are selling and receiving products).


So, somehow I need to sychronise the stock information (in or out of stock) of the warehouse with my site on a regular basis. Otherwise I can run into a scenario when I sell a product on my site but the warehouse is out of stock.

The warehouse can provide me a Stock Feed file (csv,xml) with details like:
<product type='sub'>
<code>Product Code</code>
<name><![CDATA[Product name]]></name>
<status>In Stock</status>


My question is: what would be the best way to synchronise my store with the warehouse to be able to provide the stock information on my frontend. No exact available stock is needed, basically in stock/out of stock would be enough for start.
Is it something that Magento can handle by default or I need to get an extension?


Thanks for reading and any help and guidance would be appreciated.