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access shipping cvs file


access shipping cvs file


I'm new to Magento. I am helping a store owner with her Magento site. The site has a Webshoppapp Premium Rates app installed. The shipping rate need to reflect a .50 increase which need to be made in the .cvs file, however I cannot find access the the files which would be located in a backup folder in the file structure of the site. How can I access these?




Re: access shipping cvs file

Hi @arnolfo,


Once on System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Shipping methods, change your configuration scope from Default Config to Main Website. Now you'll be able to see an export button with the current values.

You'll ened to edit those values and then import again the file.


You need to change the configuration scope to website (at least) to see those options.

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Re: access shipping cvs file

Great. Thanks. I see it now...