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add Line App chat and Other Question

add Line App chat and Other Question

i use   but How to

1. add Home Menu and icon home in main menu.

2. How to faster website. because Share Hosting 

3. How to add Line App, Wechat App, qq App and What App. 

4. How to convert this theme to Lasted version magento 2.1.8 

Please Help me Please. Magento version 1.9.3 


Re: add Line App chat and Other Question

Hi @Ken1972,


There isn't a simple answer to your questions.


  1. No idea. Maybe you can ask for support to the author (or someone who knows the theme)
  2. You'll need to audit the store and your server and then start to improve. There are several things that maybe you could change (from stack to code)
  3. In which whay?
  4. You will need to rebuild the theme. Magento 2 isn't just an upgrade.


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