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changes to magento config no taking effect.


changes to magento config no taking effect.

first question on here, so apologies for any mistakes - please let me know if I have posted wrong.

I've inherited a projected involving a fairly large Magento store with no handover and no line of communication with the previous developer.

I have been teaching myself Magento for a few days and I feel I have a reasonable appreciation of it.

The main task I have to do is to create a new design for the front end, which seems straight forward enough to do through a theme. As there was only one website set up in magento, I created another as a test environment.

The issue I have, is that any change I make to configuration settings seem to take effect intermittently. I have disable cache, but still have the problem.

Specifically, at the moment, template path hints on are turned on. After turning them for the test website (where they are enabled), they still appear. This change was made half an hour ago, i have manually cleared cache on both the site and the browser.

Am I missing something? at the moment I am hitting my head against a brick wall as changes I am making to the test site are not replicating and I am getting nowhere.

Any help would be VERY MUCH appreciated.


Re: changes to magento config no taking effect.

make sure you changed configuration for the right store, also try restart web server,  in rare case magento config cache would stuck.

Re: changes to magento config no taking effect.

Strangely, the only way I have got this to work, is as follows:


- Disable merging CSS files

- After I make any changes, if I don't see them replicated, I flush full page cache, CSS/JS Cache and magento cache, plus by browser cache.


Still after doing this,I still need to wait up to 10 minutes to see some changes :/


I know this isn't a full solution, but it is working for me, so I thoguht I would list it.