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does not show images and there are no upload buttons

does not show images and there are no upload buttons

I have a new client that made a migration to a new server. It did not work and he called me. I cleaned the cache and the session, but the images are not displayed, neither in the backend nor in the frontend. I have changed permissions of the media folder, the root .htaccess file and the media folder and it still does not work. The buttons to upload files in the admin panel with Flash enabled are also not displayed. The strangest thing is that when I download an image I can not see it on the PC because it says it has an incorrect format, and the image is .gif or .jpg and has a correct weight.


I'm using version


Thanks in advance.



Re: does not show images and there are no upload buttons

Hello @sergio_carrillo

I found this issue when I had extended and created my own theme for the admin area.

These buttons use FLASH.

So if your browser does not support flash - then they will not appear.

Ensure that the app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/media folder exists and that there are 2 files within it.

  • editor.phtml
  • uploader.phtml

Ensure that the skin/adminhtml/default/default/media folder exists and that there are 3 files within it.

  • flex.swf
  • uploader.swf
  • uploaderSingle.swf

If you have created your own theme (ie Theme: "mytheme" and Package "mypackage") then ensure the above applies for:

  • app/design/adminhtml/mytheme/mypackage/template/media
  • skin/adminhtml/mytheme/mypackage/media

Let me know if you have any trouble.


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