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empty cart issue on multistore setting

empty cart issue on multistore setting

I'm trying to build a wholesale site for 3 different currencies :

the site structire is :



- dollar

- euro

- yen


random customer can go to base site(store view) and sign up.

Once we approve and assign them to a group (dollar/euro/yen), they will redirect to assigned store.

ex) dollar customer to dollar store. euro customer to euro store...


I was able to redirect customers to assigned store view with proper currency/price but shopping cart resets every time I'm trying to open shopping cart page.


Please advice.

Thank you.



Re: empty cart issue on multistore setting

You might want to look into global shared customer accounts. Go to System->Configuration->Customer Configuration under the Customers tab on the left hand side. There should be an Account Sharing Options group. Inside that group there'll be a Share Customer Accounts option that lets you set the customers on a Global level as well as a Store View level.

Re: empty cart issue on multistore setting

thank you for your reply.

I just checked the customer configuration but customer accounts are globally shared.


to give you some details on the site structure :


* I have 4 website/store/storeview - pbase, dollar, euro and yen.


pbase website is installed on root directory

dollar website is root/dollar and shares files from root

euro website is root/euro and also shares files from root

yen website is root/yen and also shares files from root


* 4 customer groups - not logged in, dollar, euro and yen


each group has default storeview and will be redirect to :

not logged in -> pbase (/root)

dollar -> dollar

euro -> euro

yen -> yen


each group can access

not logged in -> pbase only

dollar -> pbase & dollar (will remove access to pbase later)

euro -> pbase & euro (")

yen -> pbase & yen (")



Re: empty cart issue on multistore setting

Hello, @klee1221

I had the same problem, luckily I found this after special effort finding:


With this extension, once customers sign up, they are automatically assigned to store-view groups of each store. I have total control to set prices for each store view on my own way: in English store view - 1 price, in France (euro) - 1 price, and in Japan - 1 separate price for the same product. The prices are independently separated. And I can modify the prices in each store, not just in the whole system.



This extension has the ability to set different special prices in each store view of each store. Sometimes, I use it for my promotion occasions, which is convenient for me not to install some other extensions for local promotion.


And more... it's totally safe, it's just like a software when installing in my PC, there are no changes in the core system. The extension doesn't interfere in the databases.


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