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execute url

execute url

We use a plugin from DPD, when selecting 10 orders, clicking on 'create labels' wil make the shipping labels. But the plugin doesn't send a mail to the user. So we have to open each order, go to shipping details, click on that shipment, and then we can click on the button: "send tracking information".


This button has this url: 


I adjusted the function and rebuild the exact dynamical url.

file: app\code\community\DPD\Shipping\Model\Adminhtml\Dpdgrip.php
class: DPD_Shipping_Model_Adminhtml_Dpdgrid extends Mage_Core_Model_Abstract
function: generateAndCompleteOrder($orderId)


All orders need a shipping label and all orders should use the custom url for sending a mail.

If I use a redirect, is the sequence of the 10 orders ended with the first one? 


I don't know how to use this url.