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getSingleton( 'admin/session' ) REST compliant alternative

getSingleton( 'admin/session' ) REST compliant alternative

In my Magento installation there is an extension that adds a "created_by" field to my products. 

In the code of this extension I see that it does this with Mage::getSingleton( 'admin/session' )->getUser().


However, I create some products using REST, and than the Mage::getSingleton( 'admin/session' )->getUser() does not work since there is no admin/session I assume. 


Can anybody help me out? Is there some way I could do it like this: Mage::getSingleton( 'REST/session' )->getUser()?


Re: getSingleton( 'admin/session' ) REST compliant alternative

I found a stackoverflow post where they suggest using this code to get the user ID in a REST connection.


$tokens = Mage::getModel('oauth/token')->getCollection()->addFilterById($tokenId);
foreach ($tokens as $token) {    echo $token->getCustomerId();


But I don't know what I should define in the $tokenId variable. Should I send along the consumerkey?