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how to add online mobile recharge to Magento store ?

how to add online mobile recharge to Magento store ?

Hi experts,


               I want to add online mobile recharge to my Magento store.  Is there any API or extension available from Magento.  Can any one help on this... Reply always be appreciated..



Thanks in advanced.


Re: how to add online mobile recharge to Magento store ?



We can offer a full website with all features of PayTM in a very short span of time, Which Includes

1. Wallet Systems (Paytm Like wallet systems)
2. eCommerce MarketPlace Systems (Multi Vendors and Lakhs of Products included)
3. APIs for Recaharge, Utility bill and Travel (More APIs can be added)


                                                        THE CHARGE FOR THE PORTAL ONLY RS. 49,500


Website with Wallet system will be delivered in just 24 Hours with Product catalog of more than 50 Lakhs with 56 Main Categories from 12000 vendors to reach out to 10.25cr online customer base. We can also help you in email marketing too.




Where we can Help?

- We have in house Consulting team for legal & Finance matters
- We have in house facility for Internet/Digital marketing to help you achieve your targets
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and a much more . . .





To add up to the post I would like your attention to the Wallet balance as this is the largest revenue for the business owner because every person will have say a small amount in the wallet and thus we can increase the loyalty and repetition on our portal.


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Every bank in the world work with 2 principal-

1. Not all their customer will withdrawal money at the same time

2. Not all their customer will withdraw all their money


With that in mind, the bank keeps some proportion of their customer, with them and rest is invested. They lend money to other customer as loans. And this is where they make money. A simple saving account's customer gets a yearly interest of 3-4% whereas the bank loan the money at high interest upto 15% .


Now mobile wallet operates on the same principal. They become a virtual bank but of different kind. For instance let's take paytm- India's biggest mobile wallet. You brought a hard drive from paytm and get 1k cashback. Now the cashback is, not inform of money, but it's paytm cash ie. it can only be used to buy other product from paytm or it's associated websites.

Buying hard drive is one small example. Imagine this on large scale- millions of people making mobile recharge, buying stuff via mobile wallet. Now even though these people have money in their mobile wallet, not everyone will use every last penny at once. And thus the company have lot of cash to invest. They keep certain percentage aside and loan the rest at higher interest rate



And along with our Marketing executive, we will have the Shopkeepers to promote our products, in addition to email marketing and online marketing



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Re: how to add online mobile recharge to Magento store ?

Did you find any extension for it, possibly this can be easily customized.

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