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how to extend directory data for city, district, and zip code to be used as select option


how to extend directory data for city, district, and zip code to be used as select option



For shipping cost concern in big country with city and rural area where shipping cost is differentiated until sub city or district area (the shipping cost is different within the same city with different district in the city), it is needed to add district field in the shipping/ billing/ customer addresses. And for more reliable data, the input method will needed to be select type during customer address registration or checkout. The data for select option will be got from database table (directory).


My question:

1. How to extend or add directory table like table for country and region, for city table, district table,and zipcode table.?

2. How to change city input method to be switchable between text-input type and select-input type.  (when there is city data for selected state/region or when city table is populated for the selected state/region, the input should be select type, but when the city is not populated -like for other country- the input switch to be text-type.  Like the some behavior for  state/region field of standard magento now.

3. How to add the required table for city, district, and zip code   (since one district may have more than one or two zipcode)

4. how to add input field with switchable from text-type to select-type for the district and the zip code,  when country is selected (selected by default country), state option is available for selected country, when state is selected the city option is available for the state, and so on when city is selected the options district is available, and when the district is selected the zip code option become available.


I am sorry if it is too long question. Bu please help.


Thank you and Regards,