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import export customers and products

import export customers and products

Hi everybody, I am going crazy.

Since days now I am trying to export products and clients in csv from magento 1.7 and import them in magento 1.9

every time I execute the profile (I export/import throu system => import/export => dataflow profiles => export all products/ export clients) for importing I get errors for the customers i get this:

Skipping import row, required field "website" is not defined.

for the products I get this:

Image does not exist.


I have tried to delete the website field from the csv and correct the image path but no luck... any suggestions?


Thank you in advance


Re: import export customers and products

It is telling you the website column is required for customers. Create a dummy customer in Magento 1.9. Then, export customers from the Magento 1.9 installation. Copy the value from the website column in that export and paste it in the export file from Magento 1.7, then try your import again.


For images did you upload the media folder from the 1.7 installation? It is looking for your image files but can't find them. Either delete the value in the image field and import (then you will have to re-upload all the images in the back end) or try uploading the media folder for your product images to the new 1.9 installation and import them.