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import products sku error


import products sku error


No way to import only one single product ... sku error ! My csv file is utf-8 without bom , it is ; separator ... everything seems ok, but MAGMI doesn't want to import this test product.


here are magmi settings :


Running Magmi Product Import Engine v1.7.1 by dweeves
Import Profile:default
Import Mode:update
CSV Datasource v1.3 - Importing CSV : /home/tenrev/www/magento/var/import/ref-obligatoires-pad.csv using separator [ ; ] enclosing [ " ]
Performing Datasouce Lookup...
Found 1 records, took 0.00077700614929199 sec
CSV Datasource v1.3 - No BOM detected, assuming File is UTF8 without BOM...
CSV Datasource v1.3 - 9 CSV headers columns found
Image attributes processor v1.0.25 - no image attributes found in datasource, disabling image processor
Configurable Item processor v1.3.7 - no options_container set, defaulting to :Block after product info
Ajusted processed columns:11
here is my very simple .csv :
simple;Default;0;1;colle;19;super glue;ok;testsku
Any idea ? thanks

Re: import products sku error

Magento has the list of fields necessary for products creation and visibility.


You can try to add the following fields:

- visibility

- category

- websites

- status

- quantity

- is in stock

and other attributes that you have required (if you have created custom ones)


Here is the article on the required fields for Magento import:


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Re: import products sku error

Thank you for your answer Smiley Happy

Problem was MAGMI configuration. USING MODE was " update " while I wanted to CREATE products ! This is why I got the " sku " error !

But you are right, I added visibility etc ...

Smiley Happy