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importing same image for multiple simple SKUs issue with admin

importing same image for multiple simple SKUs issue with admin

This one took me a while to figure out what was going on.


Basically after importing 33 SKUs, all the images show up in the admin. but the site needs re-indexing. So after performing the reindex, I go back to the same exact SKU I was looking at and, the image is gone.


I tried running this script:


Which "fixes" the issue, however when re-indexing again later on I wind up with the same missing images in admin.

After importing, all the images work correctly on the front end of the site, it is only the admin pictures which do not show.

This is an issue though, because if i go into edit a sku, and save it, it will erase the image from the front end of the site as well.

my CSV file has the following fields: sku, image, image_label, small_image, small_image_label, thumbnail,thumbnail_label,_media_attribute_id,_media_image,_media_lable,_media_position,_media_is_disabled, media_gallery, gallery


What I end up finding out is that, during the re-index, magento is deletes all the duplicate values for _media_image

so it was leaving just 1 of the images from all 33 SKUs that were supposed to use the same one. but the front end of the site does not seem to have this issue! Why! Is this normal magento behaviour or something on my setup?