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link, popup to contact box

link, popup to contact box


I am looking for either an extension or a way I can do the following.

I am wanting to have a link on all my pages, homepage,product pages etc.

I want it to be a link, then a pop-up comes up with a contact form. The idea behind it is for customers to ask about products that they cant find on the website but that we could stock due to having the same manufacturer, or similar products etc.


If anyone can help me that would be great,

Thanks in advance


Re: link, popup to contact box

Hello @shezzaar

There is an option to use a form builder extension to address your needs -


It's possible to create a form and add it to a CMS block which will be displayed on all pages of your site. However, the form will be available not via link.


The data collected from your customers will be accessible in your Magento admin panel

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Re: link, popup to contact box

You might be looking for  this extension, which allows you to create and customize popups in a way you want, you can place them any where on your website, fully customizable

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Re: link, popup to contact box

You can take advantage of the  Popup extension for Magento 2 which allow you to create popups with any HTML content, image or form when pages load for grab customer attention. Promote your products, news, ads and events or collect information from users by any kind of form (newsletter or any custom form) through an attractive popup window.

You can fully control the appearance of your pop-ups by defining the following options:
Html content with any widgets or **bleep**.
Set popup visible for all pages or just homepage.
Show popup for special customer group.
Window dimensions.
Start and end date (you can set countdown time visible on popup).
Background for popup.