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looking for Magento 1.9 (1.x) documentation/manual/reference

looking for Magento 1.9 (1.x) documentation/manual/reference

Hey there,

I'm looking for a good Magento CE 1.x documentation/manual or class reference (Zend too).

I found these, which I think are good, but could be better:

Are there any "powerful" manuals that Magento developers use?

To give you a good example of what Im looking for, take a look at Yii's (PHP framework) class reference:

it has a powerful search function, lists all attributes/functions of a class, has explanations what function parameters mean and even shows source code.


Anything similiar for Magento/Zend?

Since Magento comes in many different versions, I imagine it's troublesome keeping up a well tended documentation, every class reference I find is automatically generated. Are there really no alternatives?

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Re: looking for Magento 1.9 (1.x) documentation/manual/reference

Hi @RVAma 

You can use following Magento Documentation (phpdoc).But I do not think it it has version specific information.

It's true that Magento do not have good documentaion like other frame works.


But if you are facing a technical problem please post your question in the forum or

If you are looking for Zend documentation refer this



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