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products not showing in admin

products not showing in admin



I've added some product with this code:


$product = Mage::getModel('catalog/product');
        $rand = rand(1, 9999);
            ->setAttributeSetId(4) // default attribute set
            ->setSku('example_sku' . $rand) // generate a random SKU
            ->setName('Test Product #' . $rand) // add string attribute
            ->setShortDescription('Description') // add text attribute
            // set up prices
            ->setTaxClassId(0)    // Taxable Goods by default

I can see them inside the table catalog_product_entity, but they don't show up in the admin thou. I've also already re-indexed, and all the caches are disabled.

What's wrong?


Thanks a lot


Re: products not showing in admin

Set current store to Admin before adding products.




Tanel Raja